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Tourniquet Medley
Words and Music by: Larry Norman From my bedroom window I can see someone's torn a huge hole in the sky The suns violet rays shining down on the place Where the chemical rivers run dry There's a rain falling down But it's blistered the ground outside my back door It flows out to a sea where the fish once swam free Near the petroleum shores. The world is spinning faster While we're dancing with disaster Will this generation last or will we burn When will we learn? We've got to turn, turn Turn before the closing door is locked for good. There's a world outside And it's falling apart If you love your brother Open up your heart If he needs some help You better give him some You gotta rock the flock 'Til kingdom come! Jump and rave Scream and yell Make It hard so they can hear you near the gates of hell Don't hold back Don't hide your light Shake off your fear and get into the fight. There's a little boy Lying on the ground To weak to lift his head up To sick to make a sound. There's a little baby girl With her eyes shut tight Her body burns with fever There is no food tonight. You gotta feed the poor You must obey If the angels ask you if you fed the poor What would you say? You gotta feed the poor They're dying every day And when Jesus asks you if you fed the poor What are you gonna say? Rock the flock Rock the flock Rock the flock Rock the flock Rock the flock Rock the flock Rock the flock 'Til kingdom come!