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This is clearly another major work in the making and perhaps Larry's deepest,  most articulate album ever. This is shaping up to be even more hard hitting  than 'Only Visiting This Planet' or 'Stranded In Babylon'. Here's the headlines.  'Tourniquet' has nine tracks and all of them are brand new recordings  although many of the songs have been heard before on limited edition  releases like 'Father Touch', 'The Vineyard', 'Breathe In, Breathe Out'. The  last track "Near" has no vocal on it at the moment - if you want to hear how  the lyrics and melody sound then check out 'Rough Diamonds, Precious  Jewels' where the song is one of the highlights in an awesome live  compilation. At the moment 'Tourniquet' is, and I quote, a "rough mix test pressing  of songs being considered for 'Behind The Curtain'," an album which Larry hopes to  complete this year and have distributed by a major label rather than his own Solid Rock  Records company. The songs have been recorded utilizing new internet technology with his  brother Charles' latest band Softcore. This is the sister album to 1991's weighty and  acclaimed 'Stranded In Babylon' and shares the same heavily layered production style with  Larry and Charly at the helm again though at this stage it seems that Charly's fingerprints are  the heavier ones in shaping the sound. As a result we end up with a very cool, calculating  sound, well engineered and cleverly mixed. The late Jon Linn's introduction to "The Rock  That Doesn't Roll" even finds itself chopped up and sampled and dropped into "Rock The  Flock". The downside is that sometimes as the album progresses you yearn for a bit more  variety in the tempos and instruments though all in all the drum machines, grungy electric  guitars and quirky keyboards sound good on most tracks. In one or two places the sound of a  picked acoustic would be welcome or a piano led arrangement might break things up nicely  too, but hey, I'm nitpicking here. The storming opening track "Turn" was penned entirely by  Charly and he shares co-writing credits on two other songs. I can't really begin to hint at the  depth in the lyrics, several key themes are woven through all the songs and this collection of  songs not only cross reference with each other but also  with many of the best written songs in the extensive  back catalogue. Essential questions prepare the ground  for the album's main themes: "Will this generation last or  will we burn?", "How can we live on a planet we've  killed?", "Does anybody know what love is?", "When  Jesus asks you if you've fed the poor what are you  going to say?" I could go on and on. Well worth getting  hold of a copy while they are still available and working  through those lyrics for yourself. 
Track List 1    Turn 2    Endless Life Of Dreams 3    Center Of My Heart 4    Rock The Flock 5    It's All Right 6    Love Is The Reason 7    Feed The Poor 8    Father Of All 9    Near - (Instrumental) 10  Tourniquet Medley:       Turn       Rock The Flock       Feed The Poor       Near