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This is Disk 1 & 2. - "Rough Diamonds, Precious Jewels" is a 4 CD release  compiled by Paul Shaw and Trevor King. Most of the songs are live recordings,  all from Irish concerts (1981-2000). The three studio tracks were donated by  Larry Norman and were recorded in 2001. The title of this release refers not  only to Larry's songs and performances, but also to the Romanian orphans to  which all proceeds of the sale of this CD set went.  The official Irish release of this 4 CD came in two jewel cases, held together  by a thin cardboard sleeve (400 copies were released this way). Both jewel  cases contain booklets. In fact the CDs themselves are also CD-R's! Both  2CDs have been offered for sale separately as well. The booklet of Part 2 was  later replaced by Larry Norman, because of printing errors. He also sent them around with  new orders.  Paul Shaw and Trevor King also released a four song CD-R called "Stranded In Belfast"  (featuring "Be Careful What You Sign," "Born To Be Unlucky," "One Way," and "Moses;"  "Moses" was not released on the 4 CD) and a sampler disc in three variations featuring 25  (version 2 & 3) and 28 (version 1) snippets of songs from the 4CD release. However, some  of the snippets didn't make it to the final release. All of these CD-Rs came with a printed, full-  colour front cover. The three sampler discs were produced for people in the UK and Ireland  who were interested in buying the 4 CD set, but who wanted to get some idea of the quality  of the tracks before committing themselves. The cost of this sampler disc was then deducted  from the cost of the 4 CD set if ordered. "Stranded in Belfast" was given as a freebie to  people who bought more than 10 tickets to Larry's March 2000 Belfast concert. It turned out  to be an early introduction to the 4 CD release. Paul Shaw and Trevor King also released the  "Backstage Bulletin" in two editions, giving background information on the Irish concerts.  Larry Norman included a slightly different second edition of the Backstage Bulletin in his  "three books project," released late 2002. The first edition was sent to the first 50 people who  pre-ordered RDPJ as way of apology for the long delay between the proposed release date  and the actual release date. Before the "official" release Larry Norman released disc one and  two separately and the 4 CD set as the "Cornerstone pre-release" in one big jewel case.  These CDs are compiled differently. The Cornerstone pre-release even contains recordings  made in the Netherlands, New Zealand, and England. "Shake It Up Baby" (which is in fact  "Twist And Shout") and "Unlucky Blues" ("Born To Be Unlucky") were recorded in 1987  according to the information on the "Rough Diamonds, Precious Jewels" website and the  second edition of the Backstage Bulletin. The booklet of the "Gathered Moments  (Somewhere In This Lifetime)" CD says these recordings are from 1988, which is not correct.  "Under His Love" is in fact one song that contains "Without Him," "I Wish We'd All Been  Ready," and "Messiah." It ends with the Barry McGuire text "We're on The Eve Of  Destruction."
Track List Disk One 1    TV Ad - (Spoken) 2    Intro From Trevor King 3    God Save The Queen 4    Song For A Small Circle 5    Twelve Good Men 6    Be Careful What You Sign 7    Medley: - Everybody Work / Twist And Shout / Shout 8    Why Don't You Look Into Jesus? 9    I Wish We'd All Been Ready 10  The Rock That Doesn't Roll 11  Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music 12  Watch What You're Doing 13  Feeling So Bad 14  A Note From Mr. God 15  Leaving The Past Behind 16  Bishop Of Norway 17  Rumors #1 18  Coy Boy 19  Sweet Song Of Salvation 20  I Am A Servant 21  One Way Disk Two 1    God Part III 2    Euro/EC/Maggie - (Spoken) 3    Six Sixty Six / PeacePollution/Revolution 4    Riverdance #1 - (Spoken) 5    Great American Novel 6    Reader's Digest 7    Near 8    I Am Is - (Poem Spoken) 9    Strong Love, Strange Peace 10  Riverdance #2 - (Spoken) 11  The Outlaw 12  The Pastor Said - (Spoken) 13  My Feet Are On The Rock 14  Forget Your Hexagram 15  Riverdance #3 - (Spoken) 16  Nightmare #49 17  U.F.O. 18  A Woman Of God 19  If The Bombs Fall 20  Walking Backwards 21  If You'll Be My Woman 22  Marvin, David, Walter, Lincoln Jones 23  Rachael And Me 24  Quit Kicking My Dog 25  It's Getting So You Can't Trust Nobody 26  Parson Brown 27  Elvis Has Left The Building 28  Shot Down 29  I've Searched All Around