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Center Of My Heart
Words and Music by: Larry Norman Does anybody know what love is? I thought once or twice I found it It just up and disappeared Before I had the chance to put my arms around it I see couples walking down the street Holding hands and looking free People talk about lasting love But it never happened to me. But then one day I met You You broke my chains apart You showed me love's true freedom And left Your soul in the center of my heart.   When I'm sad You help me see the light When I'm confused I just talk to You No matter what kind of trouble I'm in You always seem to know what I should do I'm a walking contradiction You're the keeper of the key You're the road that leads to Fehrion And that's all that matters to me. I only want to serve You Oh, but where do I start My life is just a reflection Of Your soul in the center of my heart. I travel so far I turn around there You are And when I feel like I'm lost in the dark You lift me up and You show me the star. Throw me into Your prison of love Hold me over without bail I want to give myself up without a fight I'm so afraid I'm gonna fail You let me know that I worry too much This is not what loves about I feel forgiven by Your sunsets Your rain washes away my doubts. Nothing can ever stop this Death won't tear us apart All I'm really trying to say is You're the soul in the center of my heart.