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This is Volume 1 - The Best Of Larry Norman, 30th year British Anniversary  Tour Commemorative CD Series Volume one - 1971 - 2001. Song are from the  albums "Upon This Rock", "So Long Ago The garden", "Jubilation", "Something  New Under The Son", "Bootleg" and "The Story Of The Tune" .  This is a CD-R, released for sale during Larry Norman's 2001 UK tour.  Maybe some small differences can be found when the songs are compared  with the songs they refer to, as it seems to be a common practice to edit  songs on reissues.  
Track List 1    Moses 2    Walking Backwards 3    Forget Your Hexagram 4    Christmastime 5    Lonely By Myself 6    Up In Canada 7    If God Is My Father 8    Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn 9    Watch What You're Doing 10  Put Your Life In Jesus Nail Scarred Hands 11  Born To Be Unlucky 12  The Day That A Child Appeared 13  What Goes Thru Your Mind? 14  No Change Can Attend Jehovah's Love 15  Taking My Time 16  When I First Saw You 17  The Tune