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Heavy hints dropped by Larry Norman indicate 2000 could prove worth  celebrating since it has been suggested that all the old Solid Rock albums  could be released on CD with some surprises thrown in for good measure.  "The Cottage Tapes" is one of those pleasant surprises. These recordings  actually date from 1970 and from Larry's previous independent label One  Way Records. Four of the 16 tracks are taken from Randy Stonehill's debut  "Born Twice" LP, while the Norman songs are mostly taken from the second  version of "Street Level" and "Bootleg", both from 1971. A couple of  previously unreleased outtakes from the sessions have been thrown into the  mix   too. We're talking vintage stuff here as the earliest demo versions of "Righteous  Rocker", "I've Searched All Around", "Why Don't You Look Into Jesus?" are wheeled out for  the first time. A couple of the other songs from this era provide some of Larry's most fondly  remembered tracks from his extensive back catalogue, with "Baby Out Of Wedlock", and a  band performance of "Blue Shoes White". Stonehill's compositions also sparkle. Alongside  the joyous "Alright Now", we have the original version of "I Love You", Randy's zany rewrite  of "Christmastime" and the wonderful account of Randy Stonehill's conversion in "Norman's  Kitchen". There is a great spirit about this edgy collection. CCM has rarely been so upfront in  its proclamation, nor as cavalier, succinct, crazy, or fresh sounding in its execution. The  sound quality is surprisingly good and the 16 page booklet by Larry is both interesting and  informative. 
Track List 1    I Don't Wanna Lose You 2    Blue Shoes White 3    What Goes Thru Your Mind? 4    Righteous Rocker 5    I've Searched All Around 6    Up In Canada 7    Why Don't You Look Into Jesus? 8    Taking My Time 9    You Knew What You Were Doing 10  Song For A Small Circle Of Friends 11  He's The One 12  I Ain't Gonna Sing The Blues No More Randy Stonehill's songs added for completeness: 13  Alright Now 14  I Love You 15  Norman's Kitchen 16  Christmastime