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This is the second of two 2 CDs that was released shortly after the passing of  Jon Linn. These CDs were dedicated to him and "his brother Jimmy." Just a bit  of information on Jon and Jimmy. Jon had played lead guitar on many of Larry  Norman's records and concerts. Jon was killed when a car struck him near his  California home. Jimmy, Jon's brother died the week before from cancer. Jon  Linn apparently had said that Jimmy was twice as good a guitar player as  Jon was. High praise from a great guitarist himself. The first CD is compiled  mainly from different live bootleg recordings while the second CD gives an  overview of Jon Linn's contributions to the Solid Rock sound.  Excluded from the 2nd CD listing above are two songs by Randy Stonehill and  one by Jon Linn.  Known as the Memorial CDs with the words "Jonny, we hardly knew ye" printed on the disc.  Taken from various live recordings and off albums such as "The Best Of The Second  Trilogy", "Home At Last", "Larry Norman And His Friends On Tour, "Stop This Flight", "Down  Under (But Not Out)", "Jubilation", "In Another Land and "Something New Under The Son". 
Track List 1    Trinity (Intro) 2    Cornerstone Blues 3    My Feet Are On The Rock 4    More Than A dream 5    Raindrops 6    A Camel In A Needle's Eye 7    I Feel Like Dying 8    A Note From Mr. God 9    Everybody Work 10  Shake Your Rattle And Crawl 11  Trinity (Outtro) 12  Dear Malcolm, Dear Alwyn 13  That's What Love Is For 14  You Did it For Me 15  Bark 16  Watch What You're Doing 17  The Rock That Doesn't Roll 18  Eternal Struggle 19  Hard Luck Bad News 20  Looking For The Footprints