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These live recordings were made during the Creation 2000 festival. This time  it's an official concert recording, recorded directly from the soundboard. The  first 5 tracks were solo tracks by Larry. The band joins him from "Why Don't  You Look Into Jesus?"  and then once more, Larry finishes off solo with  "Moses". Larry speaks during "Fly Me To The Moon" and adds "I'm In The  Mood For Love" (both Frank Sinatra songs). "Persecution", "The Devil's  Music", End Of The World" and "Growing Up" are also all spoken.   
Track List 1    U.F.O. 2    God Part III 3    Reader's Digest 4    Persecution - (Spoken) 5    The Outlaw 6    Why Don't You Look Into Jesus? 7    Fly Me To The Moon - (Larry speaks during this) 8    Shot Down 9    The Devil's Music - (Spoken) 10  The Rock That Doesn't Roll 11  End Of The World - (Spoken) 12  Six Sixty Six 13  I Wish We'd All Been Ready 14  Growing Up - (Spoken) 15  Moses