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This is the first of two 2 CDs that was released shortly after the passing of Jon  Linn. These CDs were dedicated to him and "his brother Jimmy." Just a bit of  information on Jon and Jimmy. Jon had played lead guitar on many of Larry  Norman's records and concerts. Jon was killed when a car struck him near his  California home. Jimmy, Jon's brother died the week before from cancer. Jon  Linn apparently had said that Jimmy was twice as good a guitar player as  Jon was. High praise from a great guitarist himself. The first CD is compiled  mainly from different live bootleg recordings while the second CD gives an  overview of Jon Linn's contributions to the Solid Rock sound.  Excluded from the 2nd CD listing above are two songs by Randy Stonehill and  one by Jon Linn.  Known as the Memorial CDs with the words "Jonny, we hardly knew ye" printed on the disc.  Taken from various live recordings in New Zealand and The Netherlands and off albums  such as "Gathering Moments, "Rough Diamonds, Precious Jewels", "In Another Land" and  "Something New Under The Son".  
Track List 1    Jimi Haze 2    I've Searched All Around 3    Watch What You're Doing 4    Soul On Fire 5    Let That Tape Keep Rolling 6    Woke Up (You Got The Blues) 7    Song For A Small Circle 8    Mumbling Man 9    Leaving The Past 10  Why Can't You Be Good? 11  Leida, Harjo 12  Center Of My Heart 13  The Troubles 14  Lugoj 15  I've Searched All Around 16  Feeling So Bad 17  Born To Be Unlucky 18  Delta Day Jam