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Solid Rock's re-release program continues to pick up steam as this package  gathers together three of the rarest ever Larry Norman LPs (the original  version of "Street Level", "Letter Of The Law" and "Labor Of Love") and adds in  one partially released project (side one of 'Rough Mix 3' was put out as the  'Barking At The Ants' EP in the early '80s). The price might seem high for a  double CD which is probably aimed at collectors rather than selective  admirers but it still works out cheaper than buying the bootleg CDRs which  prompted this release, and you get better sound quality, a 12 page booklet  written by Larry, and bonus tracks. All in all there 42 tracks here and only two  have appeared on CD before, some have never been released anywhere before.  "Street Level" is vintage Norman. Side one features a poem and three songs from a solo  concert in 1969, while the five other tracks are studio demos from 1970 including an  impressive pop song "Sigrid Jane" cut by Larry and Ray Charles' band. "Rough Mix 3" works  quite well too. This is a collection of recordings from 1978 to 1985 and features enjoyable live  versions of "Why Can't You Be Good" and "A Note From Mr. God" alongside an early version  of "The Tune", a cover of Bob Dylan's "Just Like A Woman", and a version of "More Than A  Dream" which has Larry and his Young Lions cohorts sounding a bit like Adam And The  Ants. Quite a mix! Some of the other material leans towards praise and worship. The other  two albums concentrate mostly on Tom Howard covers with a few short original instrumental  compositions thrown in. It's easy to see why they were never released properly and why they  gathered bad reviews when they are placed alongside Norman's best work. That said, there  are four or five of the songs and their performances from these two poorer albums riveting.  The stripped down versions of "Where His Soul Touches Down" and "Watch The Master  Make It Right" will almost certainly hit the mark with fans of Norman's own ballads like "The  Outlaw" and "I Hope I'll See You In Heaven". The two bonus tracks are absolute gems. The  short demo of "Love On Haight Street" from the late '60s and the studio recording of "A  Woman Not A Maid" from the unreleased 'Rough Mix 2' album, it's probably fair to say that  over these two CDs you can find Larry close to his best and worst, but if you are a big fan or  a collector you'll probably enjoy the collection. 
Track List Street Level 1    The First Time That I Went To Church - (Spoken) 2    PeacePollutionRevolution 3    Right Here In America 4    I Wish We'd All Been Ready 5    I Am The Six O'clock News 6    She's A Dancer 7    I Don't Wanna Lose You 8    The Price Of Living 9    Sigrid Jane Rough Mix 3 1    The Tune (Almost) 2    Why Can't You Be Good? 3    Just Like A Woman 4    Deep Blue 5    A Note From Mr. God 6    Phydeaux At The Beach 7    More Than A Dream 8    If I Had To 9    Letters to The Church 10  If You Don't Love The Lord, You'll Fall 11  A Woman Not A Maid 12  Love On Haight Street 13  Excerpt From A Young Lions Session - 1985 Letter Of The Law 1    I Found Love 2    Shine Your Light 3    I Am Your Friend 4    Danger In Loving You 5    Iron And Steel 6    Show Me The Shepherd 7    Strong Love 8    Whenever Sarah Cries Labor Of Love 1    Where His Soul Touches Down 2    Watch The Master Make It Right 3    Stairway L'études 4    Come On In 5    Piano L'etudes 6    Mansion On The Sand 7    Twilight L'études 8    Higher Calling 9    Jesus Is The Song Inside Of Me 10  Drum L'etudes 11  One More Reason 12  Farther On