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This double CD was released in July 1999 for the members of the "Phydeaux  Phan Klubb." It appeared with the "Bark Magazine  Newsletter," a watch, fridge  magnets, buttons and more. 1000 copies were pressed.  "Feed The Poor" and "Rock The Flock" are from the 1997 Internet party. A  small part of "Feed The Poor" can also be found on the "Copper Wires" CD,  which includes more songs from the 1997 Internet party). There are a  number of instrumental songs on this CD. They include “Iron Man Takes The  “A” Train, “Deja vu”, The Future Is Here”, “Breathe In”, “Are You Breathing?”,  “Veja Du”, and “You’ll Never Guess”. - On disk 2 there are two interviews. The  Godspell interview in 1999 and the WZZD radio interview in 1998.    
Track List 1    Father Of All 2    Dark Passage 3    I Need A Touch 4    Feed The Poor 5    Rock The Flock 6    Jesus Freak 7    Friendship's End 8    When All My Dreams Are Ending 9    Near 10  Iron Man Takes The "A" Train 11  Deja vu 12  The Future Is Here 13  Breathe In 14  Are You Breathing? 15  Veja Du 16  You'll Never Guess 17  Godspell Interview 18  WZZD Interview