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This bootleg has been out for three years and has been made available for a  limited period by Solid Rock. It gathers together a lot of stuff by Larry's band  People! and has the exceeding rare single "Blow In My Ear", released under  the pseudonym The Flies, and some of the original mixes from the 1969  Capitol Records version of 'Upon This Rock' which have been unavailable for  some time. Three of these original 1969 mixes have not featured on either of  the two different CD versions of 'Upon This Rock'. The good news is that in  addition to the nice booklet put together at Solid Rock, the sound quality is  excellent and a lot of care has been put in to make this an enjoyable listen for  anyone interested in Larry's early stuff. The People material is often barmy and  Larry's involvement is minimal, the Hies novelty single is an amusing, irritatingly catchy  nov-elty piece as is its B-side "Letter From The President". The 'Upon This Rock' songs are  definitely the best written, recorded and performed songs on this collection. 
Track List 1    Organ Grinder 2    Riding High 3    I Love You 4    Somebody Tell Me My Name 5    Ashes Of Me 6    Apple Cider 7    Turning Me In 8    Ulla 9    1000 Years B.C. 10  We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus 11  I've Got You On My Mind 12  Hasty Heart 13  She's A Dancer 14  Blow In My Ear And I'll Follow You Anywhere 15  Letter From The President 16  Prelude 17  You Can't Take Away The Lord 18  Ha Ha World 19  The Last Supper 20  Nothing Really Changes 21  Postlude 22  Moses In The Wilderness - (Live)