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Larry himself wrote the latest Solid Rock Newsletter in which he tried to give  accurate information on each release and restrict the use of hyper-bole, but  alas, despite a valiant attempt to meet this criteria, he couldn't resist adding,  "Risking the umbrage of 'hype' I think this is the best live concert I've ever put  on CD", an astonishing claim when you consider the amount of live albums  his audience have been subjected to since 1980. Many of them have been of  excellent quality too, band projects like the two Flevo releases, 'Stop This  Flight' with the Young Lions, while the solo 'Totally Unplugged' CD from 1992  was rightly com-mended in these pages. This reviewer would go a step further  than   Larry in praise of 'The Vineyard', it's the best concert album he's put out ever. This is  an edited version of a concert from last March. This record of that performance contains no  less than 30 songs which span Larry's entire career, four songs from Larry's latest studio  recordings are among the 18 numbers performed on guitar, this segment of the concert also  saw Larry perform his most direct and powerful protest song "Feed The Poor" and this  release sees the first official release of Larry performing the lyrically stunning "If I Were A  Singer". While I'm on the subject of performance I have to add my sub-jective opinion that  once again Larry is on great form vocally, the con-cert sounds like it was recorded digitally,  the sound quality is good throughout. The guitar set also contains excellent performances of  some of his-best known songs from the '70s. During this part of the concert Norman also  delivered a humorous poem "I Am Is" with some aplomb to the obvious enjoyment of the  congregation. Anyone who has seen the man in the flesh will appreciate the good natured  confrontation going on between the performer and the crowd at certain points in the evening.  You just know that Larry shot them a look as soon as they started clap-ping along on "Twelve  Good Men". The piano songs - there's 12 of them and just sitting at the piano seems to bring  out another dimension in Larry Norman, The Vocalist. Fantastic performances of the likes of  "One Way" and "No More LSD For Me" follow, but the personal highlight is hear-ing him  tackle the previously unheard "Endless Life Of Dreams" shortly after having delivered  heartfelt versions of personal numbers such as "And We Sing The Tune" and "If The Bombs  Fall" which leave the pre-viously-heard studio and live versions for dead. This is a superb  document of an enlightening range of songs culled from five decades of song-writing. Sure,  there's an occasional wrong note here and there, and a few instances where the memory  almost goes, but it's fun to listen to how Larry responds in those situations. This is a live  album that's actually live, no studio overdubs to fix mistakes. 'The Vineyard' more than any  other release witnesses to Larry's unique personality as well as to his well-chronicled gifts as  a songwriter and captivating performer and uncompromising communicator. Here we have  Larry in good voice, good humor doing the kind of things he does best and also getting away  with murder, singing the guitar solos, forgetting the lyrics now and then. One of my favorite  CDs ever because, while it's not always musically perfect, it's overwhelmingly endearing.  Unlike many other '60s rockers who continue to ply their trade as 50-somethings Larry still  has a lot to offer whether he's solo in concert or accompanied by a hot young band or  whether he's got round to putting out a new studio project. 
Track List 1    Feed The Poor 2    U.F.O. 3    Twelve Good Men 4    Six, Sixty, Six 5    Oh Little Sister 6    God Part III 7    The Great American Novel 8    I Am Is - (Poem Spoken) 9    Love Is The Reason 10  Let It Go 11  The Outlaw 12  If I Was A Singer 13  Problems With Rock And Roll - (Spoken) 14  Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music 15  Reader's Digest 16  Dance Before The Throne 17  Talking To Hannah - (Spoken) 18  Watch What You're Doing 19  I Wish We'd All Been Ready 20  Protect My Child 21  I Hope I See You In Heaven 22  A Few Loaves And Smelly Fish - (Spoken) 23  Love And Heaven - (Spoken) 24  Shot Down 25  Reaching The Beat Generation - (Spoken) 26  When You Sent Your Son 27  No More LSD 28  A Note From Mr. God 29  Strong Love, Strange Peace 30  Love On Haight Street 31  And We Sing 'The Tune' 32  If The Bombs Fall 33  What Has God - (Spoken) 34  Endless Life Of Dreams 35  I Am A Servant