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The endless cycle of Larry Norman releases must frustrate the serious  Normanphile as the chances of ever constructing the definitive discography is  something like the Christian music anorak's pursuit of the holy grail. The great  blonde Normanski is undoubtedly one of Christian music's most talented  writers and performers, but his albums can be divided into the absolutely  essential ("The Trilogy", "Upon This Rock", "Something New Under The  Son"), the pretty good ("Home At Last", "Stranded In Babylon", "Bootleg".  "Street Level") and the dodgy (just about everything else!). So where does  this rate in the scheme of things? A double CD re-release of the okayish 'Home  At   Last' (touted as a new album at the end of the 80's but clearly constructed of songs  from the vaults) and the compilation 'Footprints In The Sand' drawn mainly from 'Something  New Under The Son', 'Stranded In Babylon' and a few odds and sods slipped in from the late  seventies and eighties. The fact that four songs from disc one are repeat-ed on disc two only  highlights the lack of thinking in compiling this album, but hey! Larry fans are used to a  certain amount of being ripped off after a couple of decades of dodgy bootleg quality live  albums, semi cobbled together studio recordings for sustenance. Actually Larry fans will  already have all of this stuff and be engaged in some sort of crisis deciding which of the  seven new Larry releases their bank manager will allow them to purchase! But for the  uninitiated, even my previous ramblings shouldn't discourage you from checking out the  great man's music, and this is one route into his immense catalogue. No absolute premier  league per-formances here but the inclusion of first division contenders "God Part III",  "Leaving The Past Behind", "Let The Rain Fall Down" and "If You Don't Love You'll Fall"  make it worth checking out. Like so much of Larry's material, this is good but not classic!
Track List Home At Last 1    Lonely Boy 2    My Feet Are On The Rock 3    Country Church, Country People 4    Sitting In My Kitchen 5    Camel Through A Needle's Eye 6    Nightmare #49 (Part One) 7    Oh, How I Love You 8    Queen Of The Rodeo 9    He Really Loves You 10  Here Comes The King 11  Letters To The Church 12  We Three Twogether 13  Somewhere Out There 14  Selah Footprints In The Sand 1    Lonely Boy 2    Hard Luck Bad News 3    Sitting In My Kitchen 4    Nightmare #49 (Part One) 5    God Part III 6    I Hope I'll See You In Heaven 7    It's Only Today That Counts 8    I Feel Like Dying 9    Leaving The Past Behind 10  Twelve Good Men 11  If You Don't Love The Lord, You'll Fall 12  Out Of My System 13  Somewhere Out There 14  Selah 15  Let The Rain Fall Down 16  Goodbye, Farewell