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Shouting In The Storm
Larry Norman needs no introduction and the songs on this CD, recorded at  Flevo festival, span his career well. The band (Beam) were an energetic guitar-  driven outfit from the Netherlands who suited Larry's up-tempo stuff, "God Part  III" better than the quieter ones, "Six Sixty Six" is a case in point here. As  you'd expect from a live album, there's nothing particularly new here to add to  the Larry Norman cannon in terms of songs, except for the superb rendition  of "Jesus Freak", a cover that suits Larry's voice superbly. However, some of  the arrangements are new. "Shot Down" is far superior to the version on 'In  Another Land', especially with the introduction Larry gives it here and "Let It  Go"   is clearly crowd-friendly, although I found "The Rock That Doesn't Roll" a bit  plodding. Larry's releases have, as any fan will tell you, been patchy over the years but this  re-issue is good to have back in catalogue. I just wish I'd been there! 
Track List 1    Heaven Wants To Bless You 2    God Part III 3    Six, Sixty, Six 4    Shot Down 5    Let The Rain Fall Down 6    Sweet Song Of Salvation 7    Goodbye, Farewell 8    Let It Go 9    Bombs 10  The Rock That Doesn't Roll 11  Jesus Freak