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Live At The Mac
'Live At The Mac' was one of the first Larry Norman bootlegs to find its way  onto the black market and is the first in Solid Rock's Illegal Noise Series which  aims to make the most interesting bootlegs available, well-packaged and at  more reasonable prices to the fans. This CD was recorded during a concert  with the Solid Rock gang in 1979 at the University of Oregon in Eugene,  Oregon. It's hard to comment on the performance because the sound quality  is so bad that it's hard to bear listening to this horrible sounding audience  tape. At points things become even more frustrating as an over-excited  crowd continually interrupt Larry's introductions to songs, so Larry is forced to  say   his piece by adlibbing a rap over the top of the guitar chords for "If God Is My  Father". I'd go as far as to say that this CD has next to nothing to recommend it to even the  most ardent fan. Every official live album, even some of the poorer ones put out by Phydeaux  at the start of the '80s sound much better than this. If it were not for the improved packaging  (courtesy of Solid Rock) and the inclusion of the cracking bonus track, a wonderfully  performed "Lonely By Myself (which was recorded at a different concert on a different tape  recorder!) this would have got an even lower score. Well done to the Solid Rock newsletter  for warning customers in advance how bad this one sounded and pricing it accordingly! 
Track List 1    Why Don't You Look Into Jesus? 2    I've Searched All Around The World 3    Soul On Fire 4    Watch What You're Doing 5    Let The Tape Keep Rolling 6    U.F.O. 7    The Outlaw 8    If God Is My Father 9    Song For A Small Circle Of Friends 10  Shot Down 11  Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music 12  The Rock That Doesn't Roll 13  Exit (Lonely By Myself)