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Copper Wires
15 recordings which have not been issued before, except on the official Larry  Norman website. All the songs are studio recordings. The first 11 are from the  1998 internet party and feature four brand new songs from Larry's pen, a cover  of People! 's 1967 hit single "I Love You", and out-standing performances of  Curtis May field's classic "People Get Ready" and Bob Dylan's apocalyptic  hymn "When He Returns", Byrd's numbers "Turn, Turn, Turn" and "I Am A  Pilgrim". At points during this CD I feel this is what 'Home At Last' could have  sounded like had it been well recorded and performed. A lot of the new  material is personal and mel-low sounding with instrumental solos being  dominated by flutes, recorders and some gorgeous slide guitars. "Protect My Child"  is the only out and out rocker and receives a fine Jaggeristic vocal from Larry. There's a nice  blend of sounds and tempos here, lots of pop, a bit of coun-try rock, a little reggae and some  stomping gospel. The bonus tracks stem from an internet jam session in 1997 and are a little  looser, a lot louder and feature a bit of studio chat left in between the songs which are new  fun versions of "A Woman Of God", a funked out "Watch What You're Doing". "Why Don't  You Look Into Jesus" is given a reggae pastiche treatment and there's a new ultra-cool take  of "Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music". While it is not an all time classic nor an  intellectual tour de force, 'Copper Wires' is still a very enjoyable, pleas-ant listen. And that's  just fine by me, because after having produced umpteen classic albums from 'Upon This  Rock' in 1969 to 'Stranded In Babylon' in 1991 Larry Norman has got nothing left to prove to  anyone. This fact hasn't stopped him releasing 84 completely new tracks (and remarkably,  not available elsewhere!) featuring 11 brand new songs and adding up to five hours 48  minutes and 55 seconds of new music. He ain't dead yet! 
Track List 1    I Love You 2    In The Garden (How It Could Have Been) 3    Heaven Wants To Bless You 4    Oh Little Sister 5    Protect My Child 6    People Get Ready 7    Turn, Turn, Turn 8    Oil In My Lamp 9    I Am A Pilgrim 10  Sleepwalk 11  When He Returns Bonus Tracks - 1997 Internet Party 12  A Woman Of God 13  Watch What You're Doing 14  Why Don't You Look Into Jesus? 15  Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music