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Remixing This Planet
The rehabilitation of the Great Blond Normanski continues. Hardish on the  heels of Frontlines' multi artist tribute album, Scott Blackwell gets his mitts on  10 classic Norman recordings and along with other production wizards Aaron  De La Cruz, Wonder In Blue, Virus, The Echoing Green and Paul Dexter,  remixes them for the '90s. Norman anoraks can have fun spotting from which  original versions he's purloined Larry's vocals ("Fly Fly Fly" is the rare  Australian version for example! Here recreated calypso style - I kid you not!).  So what do you get? A kicking creative album actually! Blackwell and mixing  chums add fresh power and life to these familiar songs and make you want to  listen   all over again! "God Part III" rocks in a way the original never quite managed. "UFO"  remixed by Greg Young and Stefan Nelson from virus is unrecognizable until halfway  through. Very Independence Day actually! "Why Don't You Look Into Jesus" is closest to the  original but with new drum tracks adding a fresh kick. A pounding "Why Should The Devil"  had me wondering what Norman could be capable of if he let Scott Blackwell and these guys  produce a new album! All of this proves that a good song is a good song and these fresh  arrangements deserve to win Larry a new generation of fans because when it comes to  writing songs about Jesus, he hasn't really been bettered!