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Omega Europa
Recorded live, partly with The Judaic Vikings in Sweden, July 16, 1993. The  Judaic Vikings did not have a name before the CD came out - Larry gave them  that name. The band was put together mainly out of local musicians to make a  cheap-ticket summer outdoor concert in order to get a lot of people to come  and hear Larry's message. Some 600 people showed up at the concert and  that was a success in those forest-areas of Sweden. Nobody would know  when planning it that it would be Larry's first "last" concert and that it would  end up on CD. The CD is a great memory for all who worked with the concert  even though I can understand that people who weren't at the concert don't  rate   this CD very highly. A professional video was also recorded with three cameras at  the concert and also an interview the day after at the castle. However these videos have  never been officially released as far as I know. However, I understand that Larry made a  hundred unofficial copies of it (probably without the interview).  The keyboard player, Putte Nelson, is a professional musician these days. He is on Swedish  TV every week and has played on promotion tours with artists like Ricky Martin and Maria  Carey. Larry finally came back to Sweden to the Falkoping Carneval in 1997 and then the  band consisted of more professional musicians. Among others was the drummer from  Jerusalem, Klas Anderhall.  "One Foot Toward The Grave" is another title for "You Shall Be Saved"  Band: Larry Norman - Guitar  Lars Hansen - Lead Guitar  Grgen Hellman - Guitar  Anders Hansen - Bass  Kjell Holm - Drums  Putte Nelson - Keyboards