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Gathered Moments
In the early '80s a mate of mine bootlegged the occasional Larry festival  performance and some of the stuff on this album reminds me of those tapes  and the many Larry performances I witnessed. Larry and an acoustic guitar  had such a wide repertoire, you never knew what he'd pull out of the hat!  There are only 2500 copies of 'Gathered Moments' in existence and it  resonates with rare renditions caught rough and ready in the spotlight.  Compiled from bootlegs, rare sound check recordings, in hotel rooms whilst  composing, this is a fascinating memento of live performances and the  uncharted genius of some songs that will probably never make it to full studio  adulthood! Highlights include "You Got The Blues", a humorous spontaneous piece  of acoustic blues to check his sound in front of an audience! There's the 1976 original full  band demo version of "Watch What You're Doing" and a couple of songs from the mid '70s  which were intended for projects long since abandoned. Moving to the '80s, there are a  couple of gems, the studio demo version of "Stop This Flight" and one song I've been  wanting to get hold of years, the original, definitive and wild version of "If You Don't Love The  Lord" which originally appeared on a special Greenbelt tape. There's also the Belfast version  of "Unlucky Blues" from the '80s with the crazy "Twist And Shout" intro! This is a feast of  intriguing recordings for Larry Norman anoraks everywhere. If you've never checked out the  man's music, whatever you do, don't start here! Buy something on the Word catalogue, he's  worth investigating! If you're a rabid Norman completeist and a "break from the Norm" is the  last thing on your mind, this is a must!