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Totally Unplugged
An amazing solo acoustic live album from one of the finest singer/songwriters  in the last three decades. This set includes some long established classics  such as "Watch What You're Doing", "Why Should The Devil Have All The  Good Music", "I Hope I'll See You In Heaven" and "A Woman Of God".  Despite their age these sons still sound fresh although these oldies are  generally wheeled out and spiced up with some humor to lighten up the  mood before the serious stuff-begins. The "serious stuff' is the material from  'Stranded In Babylon' and an unexpected cover version of "Weight Of The  World" by Don Was. What makes this album great is an astonishing vocal  performance throughout most of the set. I thought he sounded great on previous live  albums 'Stop This Flight' and 'Live At Flevo' but here Larry surpasses those occasions and  manages to sound just like he does on the live side of 1970's 'Street Level' album. Armed  with just his old Spanish guitar and his stunning voice Larry transforms boring album tracks  like "Baby's Got The Blues" and "I Will Survive" and makes them some of the highlights in  this intimate and intense set. These performances bring out a beauty in the lyrics that the  album versions don't. There's an added poignancy throughout the set as this concert was  Larry's first after the massive heart attack which nearly killed him in 1992 and you get the  impression that many of the songs have taken on a new meaning for Larry; the key line in  "Why Should The Devil..." is now "I ain't dead yet!". Also contains "Step  Into The Madness", "Let The Rain Fall Down" and "All The Way  Home". A classic album that will never date. The good news is that  there are more tapes from the same concert which will be brought  out if there is enough interest in volume one. Well worth the effort,  expense and hassle of ordering from America.