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Footprints In The Sand
This album is a musical autobiography of the man who is described as the "Father of Christian Rock" In each of the songs Larry describes different situations in his life. This compilation of 16 tracks starts with "Lonely Boy", which was written in 1956 and finishes with "Goodbye, Farewell", written in 1993. The album is not intended as a "Best of Compilation", but as a result you will know many of his best known songs here. Though the music on this album is still very good and in some places outstanding, it still remains a gem in the Larry Norman collection. There is some excellent guitar playing on songs like, "Twelve Good Men" and "If You Don't Love The Lord You'll Fall". I especially like "Sitting In My Kitchen". and the live, acoustic version of "I Hope I'll See You In Heaven" which is simple and atmospheric. It is Larry at his best. The booklet gives a brief history of Larry and "Street Level Records" and a song by song commentary. This album is well worth adding to your music collection. At the time of the release of this album, Larry's health was deteriorating so if for no other reason, buy this precious album to continue to help for medical bills which even after four years after his death, they still remain outstanding.