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Children Of Sorrow
Yet another live album, this one was recorded for the benefit of the C.C.P.C.  Foster Care program in Salem. Recorded in 1991 this set features many oldies  from Larry's first six solo albums plus one or two songs that emerged during  the 80s. Most of the songs are accompanied solo either with Larry playing his  Spanish guitar or with Dan Cutrona tinkling the ivories. The highlight of the  set occurs when Larry and Dan are joined by Charly Norman for two songs,  "My Feet Are On The Rock" (far superior to the version on 'Home At Last')  and, best of all, the ultimate live version of "A Woman Of God", with great  acoustic guitar work from Charly and some beautifully understated piano from  Mr.   Cutrona. Otherwise it's a relaxed atmosphere with the odd wrong note here and  there but a pretty good performance nonetheless, it's nice to hear the 'Upon This Rock'  songs accompanied with only one instrument instead of the dated layered arrangements on  the album. Includes two rareties worth checking out, "Baby Out of Wedlock" and "A Note  From Mr. God". An album existing fans will enjoy. Personal  Larry Norman - Guitar  Charles "Charly" Norman - Guitar  Dan Cutrona - Piano