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A Moment In Time
This is a limited edition CD released to spread awareness of the fight to stop  child pornography in America. The CD booklet contains information on the  widespread extent of child porn in the States and challenges Christians to be  socially aware and politically active in their communities to fight these  problems. The music itself is interesting, the CD contains 10 brand new  songs recorded in the studio with various bands and the closing track is the  solo live performance of "Right Here In America", one of Larry's early protest  songs from 1970's 'Street Level' album. It should be pointed out that the  studio songs are all rough mixes and rehearsals and that 'A Moment In Time' is  not   intended to be marketed as a polished or finished article. This is a compilation of the  work in progress for a future album called 'Pushing Back The Darkness' which Larry has so  far been unable to complete because of his serious health problems. Around half of this  collection of songs are blues numbers and the sound is similar to Larry's earlier albums  'Something New Under The Son' and 'Live At Flevo With Q-Stone'. There's also a funky  instrumental entitled "Toxic Tea And Toast"; the country blues of "Elvis Has Left The  Building" while "You Shall Be Saved" sounds not unlike Dylan's classic gospel song "Gotta  Serve Somebody". The first bonus track "The Children Of Nimrod" is a musical curiosity  which has Larry singing in Spanish, this is then followed by a typical Normanesque rocker  "The Solid Rock". From time to time the roughness does detract from the album and there is  also a sense in which 'A Moment In Time' feels too familiar - the songs sound like each other  and also like some of the songs in Larry's extensive back catalogue. As with other recent  studio projects 'Home At Last' and 'Stranded In Babylon' there is hardly any variety in the  timing or the tempo of the songs. The lyrics leave you in no doubt about where Larry is  coming from and show that Larry's "return to form" on  'Home At Last' and 'Stranded In Babylon' was no  passing phase. Given his three major heart attacks in  the last few years and his urgent need of surgery it's  maybe not surprising to find Larry dealing with health  problems and facing up to the prospect of death.  However, the sense of loneliness and despair which  colored most of his output in the 70s is absent and in  its place there is an overriding impression that the  author is going to share in the victory which Christ has  already won. All in all a pretty good album considering  the circumstances in which it was made.