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The Best Of / Confiscated
A Larry Norman compilation with songs from the Royal Music albums "Stop  This Flight" "Down Under (But Not Out)" and "Rehearsal For Reality". Only  "Sweet Dreams" is not on one of these three albums; it's the same duet with  Mikko Kuustonen of Q-Stone as on the self-titled Q-Stone album (Royal  Music/Refuge), on "Barking At The Oops! Rough Mix #3" and on the  compilation CD "Royal At It's Best" (Royal Music, 1989). The CD contains two bonus tracks by Charles "Charly" Norman, "It Could've  Been You" and "Why Do You Do The Things You Do?".  This was a Bootleg CD that was confiscated by Larry Norman and then  distributed by Phydeaux. ("Confiscated" is the unofficial CD-title). The Royal Music  releases might also be bootlegs. The 2007 CD release includes the same songs and song  order as all the other CD releases.