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Rough Mix #3
LP with white jacket and white labels. This is believed to be a mis-pressing of  "Barking At The Ants" In the trail-off vinyl you can find the words "ANTS A RE"  and "ANTS B." "Phydeaux" is not mentioned anywhere.  Side two features duets: the duet with Geoff Moore on "Why Should The Devil  Have All The Good Music" can also be found on the Geoff Moore cassette  "All The Good Music". "Sweet Dreams" was released on the self-titled Q-  Stone LP on Royal Music/Refugee  in 1989; produced by Larry Norman; it  can also be found on "The Best Of Larry Norman" on Royal Music) and on  the compilation CD "Royal At Its Best". "In The World But Not Of The World"  can   also be found on a Solveig Leithaug LP/CD/ "Dayspring/Word 1986" and on the  Norwegian CD "Mi Stjerne" (Master Music).  The 2001 CD-R release features the original LP, but some songs are titled differently: "We  Are In The World, But Not Of It" instead of "In The World But Not Of The World," "My Soul  Thirsts For You Lord" instead of "My Soul Thirsts For You," and "There Is Nothing Else, I  Would Rather Do Than Please You" instead of "Climb The Highest Mountain." Larry Norman  copied this one from a bootleg. The A-side of this album has been re-released as part of the  "Rough Street Love Letter" double CD. "Rough Mix #1" and "Rough Mix #2" were never  released. According to the booklet of the CD "Rough Street Love Letter", part one covers  material from 1965 to 1971, part two covers material from 1972 to 1978 and part three covers  material from 1979 to 1985. 
Track List 1    The Tune (Almost) 2    Why Can't You Be Good? 3    Just Like A Woman 4    Deep Blue 5    A Note From Mr. God 6    Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music - with Geoff Moore 7    In The World But Not Of The World 8    Sweet Dreams 9    My Soul Thirsts For You 10  Climb The Highest Mountain