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Live At Flevo
To continue the Larry Norman revival an excellent live offering. In fact, you  could quite easily be fooled into thinking it was a compilation of old recordings,  the sort he churned out on indie labels during the eighties, only this time  property produced. This is an album in a time-warp, yes, but in all the best  senses of the word, and Q-Stone. (whose own album was produced by Larry)  are just the band to back him up in this. They play the blues with guts. This is  certainly a bluesy album. No new cuts, but lots of old favorites, some half  forgotten, some almost legendary. Best of all it includes a welcome  resurrection of the "Careful What You Sign" track from 'So Long Ago In The  Garden'. Of course, it all does rather depend on whether you like the raw sound  of 'Live' recordings, not to mention the snippets of Larry's banter that punctuate the songs.  And it also rather depends whether you remember anything musical that predates U2!  Still, for my money this is a thumping good album - thumping being the operative word.  Should annoy the neighbors at full volume.