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While there are numerous collections available already, if there's one Christian  artist who is overdue a definitive "best of" then it's Larry Norman. This latest  reissue from Solid Rock makes a valiant effort to redress that omission. 'White  Blossoms From Black Roots' has a chequered history; originally set to hit the  streets in 1987 it first saw light of day 10 years later (albeit with subtly  changed track-listing). A further decade on we Brits get to join in the fun. The  13 tracks seem perfectly chosen - a mixture of classics from Norman's pivotal  1970s output, previously unreleased tracks and alternative mixes. Expected  songs from the " Trilogy" albums are all present and correct - "I Wish We'd All  Been Ready", "Why Don't You Look Into Jesus", "Why Should the Devil Have All  the Good Music" and "The Outlaw" - plus a couple from the unfairly under-regarded  'Something New Under The Son'. One of these, the charming party piece "The Sun Begins  To Rain", features jazzy piano from actor/comedian Dudley Moore. So often "best of" CDs  can be padded out with filler material but not here. While fans may argue over tracks which  have been excluded each song earns its place - be it the rockabilly of "The Man From  Galilee" or the White-Album-psych-rock of "Looking For The Footprints". The same applies to  the bonus tracks, including some of Norman's work with the late lamented producer/singer  Mark Heard. Taken on its own terms, and without comparison to the other collections  available, this album forms a handy cut-out-and-keep account of the cream of Norman's  output. Here's hoping it also serves to bring this CCM icon to the attention of a whole new  generation of Christian musicians and music fans.