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We Three Twogether
Words and Music by: Larry Norman Will true love smile on you? Sometimes you never know And I myself was lonely Not so very long ago. Life was hard Times were bad Heart was broken I was feeling sad My dreams had blown away like a feather. Could not smile Could not sleep Nothing helped Not even counting sheep Heart filled with rain, no change in the weather. My faithful friend Whose name is Phydeaux He could not chase away my blues Ah, but he tried though. Empty heart Full of strife Then one day love walked into my life And all at once we stood there together. Braa-ba-ba! Braa-ba-ba! Braa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-a-da! Whaa-pa-pa-pa-pa! Whaa-pa-pa-pa-wa! Held our breath for a baby boy Two months early Big fat bundle of joy And now we three are happy twogether. Our dearest friend Old faithful Phydeaux He could not come along to the baby ward But he tried though. Love abides Life makes sense Great big house with a little white picket fence And now we three are happy twogether.