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Nightmare #49 (Part 1)
Words and Music by: Larry Norman I was playing guitar at 34th and M When a man said, "Are you him?" I said, "Am I who?" He said, "I don't know". So ineluctably I gave him a scenario. I said jump back, back in time Back to '68, I didn't have a dime I was more poor than I'd ever been And I was living like an orphan in the city of sin. Yep, that's right! Capitol Records, Hollywood and Vine I was following God, I was feeling fine I was preaching on the corner Singing on the streets An ancient message with a modern beat. My hair was long I might'a dressed like a bum But my music made it clear where I was coming from And where I'm going to when my life is done Well, have you seen your brother, baby Standing in the Son, in the Son. In the Son.