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"Home At Last", a Phydeaux release is a double album. Most tracks are  recorded between 1986 and 1988 in various countries, England, Germany,  Israel, Africa, Russia and America. It seems that the original title for this album  was going to be "Brothers At Last" - "Home At Last" was scheduled for a  release in 1986. When it was released in 1989, Larry Norman had replaced  some songs with new compositions, "Somewhere Out There" and "Selah".  "Letters To The Church" is a duet with female singer Sarah Finch. "Country  Church, Country People" was first released on the LP "The Story Of The  Tune" and also on the Swedish "Down Under (But Not Out" LP. Here it has  some additional overdubs. "Queen Of The Rodeo" is written in 1972, according to  a 1990 newsletter. This is a very short 80's recording of the song. Spark reissued "Home At  Last" on a budget double CD together with "Footprints In The Sand" in 1998. 
Track List 1    Lonely Boy 2    My Feet Are On The Rock 3    Country Church, Country People 4    Sitting In My Kitchen 5    Camel Through A Needles's Eye 6    Nightmare #49 (Part 1) 7    Oh, How I Love You 8    Queen Of The Rodeo 9    He Really Loves You 10  Here Comes The King 11  Letters To The Church 12  We Three Twogether 13  Somewhere Out There 14  Selah Live Concert with Band 15  Nightmare #49 (Part 2) 16  Letters To The Church 17  Camel Through A Needle's 18  Here Comes The King 19  Shake Your Rattle And Crawl
Review Here Come The KingThe earth will shake. The moon will turn to blood. Armies will be drowned in the crimson flood. No one can escape the coming battle that the end will bring.