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Camel Through A Needle’s Eye
Words and Music by: Larry Norman Well, I got something that I think you'll want It's not for sale, it can't be bought Lean closer, let me fill you in Baby, you need a friend You got money, you got diamond rings You're finding out they don't mean a thing What good's the soul that cannot sing? So take a chance, take a chance with me Open your eyes and you will see I own nothing but I'm a wealthy man Share it with you if you'll take my hand Your daddy's money gonna give you the blues Tell your mama take her hands off of you Pick up the cross, God'll see you through. You know I love you baby I'll love you hard and I'll love you long And I don't want this love to perish So listen to the message and the music And the lyrics of this song - Yea! A camel through a needle's eye Not all the rich have to die Follow closely, do not stray You can probably keep the money Just give your soul away, yea, yea Don't negotiate, just stop and pray Lift your head up to Heaven and say Please forgive me, take these things away. And then keep walking, walk tall doll Carry that cross A light unto your path, a lamp unto your feet You fall down, get back up again It's foolishness to them that perish I'm gonna love you 'til your dying day 'Til you're "Born Again" or turn me away It's up to you, there's nothing left to say Just keep walking.