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When this was released on vinyl in 1986 it was like cool water for very thirsty  Larry Norman fans. Back then you didn't have the constant flurry of CD re-  releases and compilation albums that have swamped us in the last five years.  Back in the mid '80s we wondered what had happened to Larry Norman's  genius after "Something New Under The Son". Finally three or four albums  surfaced that featured new material and this was one album that was warmly  welcomed despite the fact that it's padded out with some real tosh. We really  were desperate back then! There are some great highlights here but sadly  also some dross. Highlights include "Why Can't You Be Good?" which is the  studio version featuring some great Randy Stonehill improvised backing vocals  and the fabulous rocker "If You Don't Love The Lord, You'll Fall".  There's a studio version of "Woman Of God", a really fun silly song called "Gonna Write A  Song About You For The Radio" and the brilliant slow ballad version of "It's Only Today That  Counts". But padding it out are poor instrumental tracks like "Zimmy Finds His Father",  "Broken Bonds, Fallen Friendship" and "A Dream Come True". All very disappointing! "More  Than A Dream" simply isn't very special and then not one but two versions of "Voices In The  Night" which seems to be Larry and Charles writing a song. Totally pointless! Bonus cuts  feature a studio version of "Messiah" which is suitably dramatic and then some half baked  ideas and instrumentals which don't feel like a bonus. But nevertheless, for the avid Larry  Norman collector as well as the casual listener, I still think this album is a must have.
Track List 1    Why Can't You Be Good? 2    I Feel Like Dying 3    More Than A Dream 4    Zimmy Finds His Father 5    Broken Bonds, Fallen Friendship 6    If You Don't Love The Lord, You'll Fall 7    Woman Of God 8    Voices In The Night 9    A Dream Come True 10  Gonna Write A Song About You For The Radio 11  It's Only Today That Counts 12  Galaxy Bonus Tracks on the 2006 CDR 13  Studio Messiah 14  Voices - Original 15  How I Lost My Life And Found My Soul 16  Stuck In America 17  Riff 18  Watching The Eclipse 19  Stuft 20  Novel