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A compilation of tracks recorded by the Jesus music pioneer between 1967 and  1984 with a particularly complicated history. Originally released in Australia  (hence its title) in 1984 it was originally a 20-song double album compilation  which confusingly cobbled together tracks from the People! era, finished  recordings from various albums and unreleased demos recorded with brother  Charlie. When in 1986 Larry released 'Down Under But Not Out' on his  Phydeaux label there were cassette releases in two different versions with  bonus tracks. But by the time the project got onto a CD it had been trimmed  to 14 tracks! Musically, it's a very mixed bag. The very early tracks interspersed  with   more recent (well, 1984) recordings don't sit too well and this is more for hardcore  Norman completists (but then they're probably trying to search out those rare Phydeaux  cassettes). It has its moments of course. The studio version of "I Hope To See You In  Heaven" from the 1973 sessions for the 'So Long Ago The Garden' classic is wonderful while  "If The Bombs Fall" is a great pop song. But, in truth, it's still a rather exasperating  hotchpotch of tracks.
Track List 1    Riding High 2    Ashes Of Me 3    Somebody Tell Me My Name 4    I've Got You On My Mind 5    Hasty Heart 6    I Love You - (1967) 7    Letter From The President 8    Sweet Song Of Salvation 9    What Goes Thru Your Mind 10  I've Searched All Around The World 11  I Hope I'll See You In Heaven 12  Soul On Fire - (Nite Lite Mix) 13  Stop This Flight - (First Demo) 14  When Messiah Comes 15  Out Of My System 16  Why Can't You Be Good? 17  Why Should The Devil - Punk 18  I'm Gonna Write A Song About You 19  If The Bombs Fall 20  Galaxy Extra Tracks on Cassette and CD 21  We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus 22  Think 23  Organ Grinder 24  Righteous Rocker 25  Riding In The Saddle - (Spoken) 26  Hard Luck Bad News Blues 27  Country Church, Country People 28  Shot Down 29  Watch What You're Doing 30  Give It Up 31  More Precious Than Jewels - (Instrumental) 32  Trinity - (Spoken) 33  Opposite Me 34  Giant Man 35  Apple Cider - (Instrumental Version)