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The albums in the "The Second Trilogy" are "Stranded In Babylon", "Behind The  Curtain" which is yet unreleased and "Home At Last". On The "Stranded In  Babylon" CD however, there are no songs of "The Best Of The Second  Trilogy". This compilation appeared before the album did. "A Woman Of God"  is probably an alternative version of the song that appeared on "Back To  America and "Rehearsal For Reality".  There's a white label cassette release of "The Best Of The Second Trilogy",  called "The Capitol Project". 
Track List 1    Living In The 20th Century 2    It's Only Today That Counts 3    A Woman Of God 4    That's When Jesus Knew (Epitaph b. 3996 B.C. -d. 2004 A.D.) 5    Trinity 6    My Feet Are On The Rock 7    The Man From Galilee 8    Soul On Fire 9    He really Loves You 10  Nightmare #49 (Part 1) 11  We Three Twogether 12  Soul (Downtown Dub)