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Larry Norman returns home to America after a long stint in England, Europe  and Australia - This album was released in 1985 - Songs on this album include:  "Messiah (Live)" which is a shorter version from the one released on his 1985  "Stop This Flight" album. "It's Only Today That Counts" is a totally new version  release. "Stop This Flight" which is from his 1985 "Stop This Flight" album.  "Soul On Fire" which is the same version that appears on the 1986 "Down  Under (But Not Out) album. "A Woman Of God" which is the same version  that is on his 1986 "Rehearsal For Reality" album.  Song snippets that feature on the promotional interview include:  1) Stop This Flight  2) Soul On Fire  3) A Woman Of God  4) And We Sing The Tune  5) If The Bombs Fall  6) Letter To A Friend (which is the same song as "Letters To The Church")  Personnel - Known as the Young Lions  Larry Norman - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals  Jon Linn - Lead Guitar  Charles "Charly" Norman - Bass  Bill Romansky - Guitar Kenny "Bam Boom" DeRouchie - Drums 
Track List 1    Interview with Larry Norman - Promotional 2    Messiah 3    It's Only Today That Counts 4    Stop This Flight 5    Soul On Fire 6    A Woman Of God (Proverbs 31) 7    And We Sing The Tune 8    If The Bombs Fall 9    Letter To A Friend