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This is a live album with band, recorded at the Dallas Brooks Hall in Melbourne,  Australia (June 15th 1984). All the songs are new. An album which confounded  the critics and proved that whatever else had happened since 1977, Larry  Norman had lost none of his talents as a songwriter or performer. Released in  1985, 'Stop This Flight' remains one of Norman's best live albums, featuring  many of Larry's best songs to emerge in a decade. "A Woman Of God", "I  Hope I'll See You In Heaven" and "Messiah" all surfaced for the first time on  this album along with another three or four decent songs. The only weak  song is the slushy "And We Sing 'The Tune'" which veers into Barry Manilow  territory unfortunately! Two songs have reappeared on the latest compilation  album 'Footprints In The Sand'. Sounds so smooth it could almost have been recorded in the  studio with a good band. There is a "Radio Interview" where Larry Norman gives information  on all the tracks. Included is a studio version of "What's Wrong With This Body" Cover art  differs for the original LP version.   
Track List 1    Finchian Etude - Instrumental 2    Stop This Flight 3    A Woman Of God (Proverbs 31) 4    What's Wrong With This Body? 5    Don't You Wanna Talk About It? 6    And We Sing "The Tune" 7    Out Of My System #1 8    I Hope I'll See You In Heaven 9    Messiah Extra Tracks on the CD 10  Radio Interview 11  What's Wrong With This Body? (Studio Version)