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Singing At The White House - Spoken
(I heard rumors that I was taking drugs. I was really upset to hear these kind of things. I asked around and I found out it's not true. I heard another rumor. I heard that I, I heard that I had gone to the White House to sing for the President. That's a lie. I went to the White House but not to sing. I went to give the President advise. Like when Mr. Carter was President. If I'd been President, I would have done things differently. You know, I just like, instead of trying to be friends with the Russians and you know, have detente. I would just have got tough with them. I would have said, "Get your troops out of Afghanistan or no more Levis". I would have told Iran to let the hostages go or else next time we going to crash the helicopters even closer. Well I ended up singing at the White House. Just before I went on to sing, a, Gretchen Poston, the Social Secretary for the White House came backstage and told me not to sing or say anything political or religious. I didn't know any Neil Diamond songs.)