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This album was released as a compilation of the "Barchaeology" 3LP. They  were released simultaneously. "Quiet Night" was released as by "The Young  Lions" on the cover and as by "Larry Norman and The Young Lions" on the  labels. Some copies had a sticker on the cover, some came with an insert.  The cover of the Australian album differs from the US cover. Different colors  have been used and the front cover photograph has been inverted and  covers up the complete front cover. On the labels it says "The Young Lions  featuring Larry Norman." The album came with an insert.  All of these songs can also be found on the albums "Street Level" (original  version), "Letter Of The Law" and "Labor Of Love"); some of the "Quiet Night"  songs are mixed differently, most of them are shorter. The intro and outtro ("Stairway Etude")  of "Let The Master Make It Right" are missing. There are some slight title adaptations too.  The second US cassette is a promotional release with excerpts of all the "Quiet Night" songs. 
Track List 1    Iron And Steel 2    Shine Your Light 3    I Found Love 4    Let The Master Make It Right 5    Piano L'etude 6    Sigrid Jane 7    Strong Love 8    Farther On 9    Come On In 10  Drum L'etude 11  I Don't Wanna Lose You 12  Jesus Is The Song Inside Of Me