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Introduction By Barry McGuire
(Hello. This is a, a super time for me and Mari and I. My wife and I drove here tonight realizing this was our first time we ever had a date on a Saturday night, you know. We've been married a, it will be 8 years this next month and here a, our first Saturday night date we're off to a Larry Norman concert, you know. Hallelujah! - It's wonderful. There's really not much I can say about Larry that you probably don't already know. I just, you know, thinking back the first time I met Larry was in San Diego. I'd just come to know Jesus as my Savior. And I didn't know much about Christianity. I didn't know much about religion and all that. I just knew that there was something happening with Jesus and I had to find out what was going on. And I went to a, a big, big thing down in San Diego and Larry happened to be there and he came walking up to me and I'd not seen anybody like him, you know. [laughter] I never, I never forget him because his eyes were going "tickety, tickety, tickety, tickety, you know. You know on the 4th of July when you light the little sparkler and tissssh like that. That's what his eyes looked like. They were just going like that, you know. And a little grin on his face and he came up to me and he just told me that he really loved me and he heard that I'd just got saved. And he says if there's ever anything I can do for you man, he says, lean on me. You know and I just, I never forgot that. So it really gives me super, super pleasure to be here tonight And won't you join with me and welcome with me to the stage, Larry Norman.)