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Heaven And Hell - Spoken
It's confusing to people if, if you don't explain what's really happened. If you just you know reel out all the clichés. Like if someone's coming down the street and you walk up to him and say: "Brother, have you been washed in the blood?" I hope not. "Well, have you been "Born-Again?" Not lately. "Well, have you ever been saved?" Oh, yeah, last summer up at camp. It was a really nice night. Moon was full and we went out in the lake in a boat and I stood up and I can't swim and these guys had to drag me.... "That's not what I'm talking about. I'm trying to, trying to find out if you deeply experienced a kind of personal revelation, you know, like a sanctif.... a, like being born, you know, washed in the... consecrate. I'm trying to tell you the "Good News". The good news? What's that? "You going to hell." What's the bad news? God's not interested in, in who's good and bad. You know, you don't get to Heaven because you good. You don't go to hell because you're bad. You get to Heaven because you asked to. You don't go to hell because you're bad. You go to hell because you didn't want to go to Heaven. So good and bad is not what's really important. You either believe in God or you don't. You either have Jesus or you don't. And God's not confused by who really believes. He knows.