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Acoustic live solo album with an introduction by Barry McGuire, released with  both a blue and a purple cover.  Released as a "Special limited edition release  for the benefit of the Calcutta Mission." "Strong Love, Strange Peace" is with  electric piano instead of guitar and I don't believe it's a live recording. It differs  from the version released on the "In Another Land" CD, which is more  orchestrated and has classical piano. The CD release doesn't have bonus  tracks or linear notes. The list of songs include U.F.O., I Hope I'll See You In Heaven, Why Can't  You Be Good, The Great American Novel, Nightmare #71, Six Sixty Six,  PeacePollutionRevolution, The Outlaw and Strong Love, Strange Peace. Included  are two spoken tracks, "Singing At The White House" and "Heaven And Hell. This album is  still a gem hidden amongst his other releases. Well worth the money for both the casual  Larry Norman fan or the hardened Larry Norman collector.  Personal  Larry Norman - Guitar and Piano