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This is a three LP box containing the original nine song "Street Level" plus  "Letter Of The Law" and "Labor Of Love." The box says this is volume three,  but no other volumes have ever been released - (Maybe it has another  meaning). Some of the boxes came with inserts and a poster and / or a  photograph. All the etudes are instrumental and composed by larry Norman.  
Track List LP 1: Street Level 1    The First Time That I Went To Church (Poem) 2    PeacePollutionRevolution 3    Right Here In America 4    I Wish We'd All Been Ready 5    I Am The Six O'clock News 6    She's A Dancer 7    I Don't Wanna Lose You 8    The Price Of Living 9    Sigrid Jane LP 2: Letter Of The Law 1    I Found Love 2    Shine Your Light 3    I Am Your Friend 4    Danger In Loving You 5    Iron And Steel 6    Show Me The Shepherd 7    Strong Love 8    Whenever Sarah Cries LP 3: Labor Of Love 1    Where His Soul Touches Down 2    Let The Master Make It Right 3    Stairway L'etudes 4    Farther On 5    Come On In 6    Piano L'etudes 7    Mansion On The Sand 8    Twilight L'etudes 9    Higher Calling 10  Jesus Is The Song 11  Drum L'etudes 12  One More Reason