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The Tune (Almost)
Words and Music by: Larry Norman Once there was a tune And everyone knew how it went But as time went by People began to forget Until at last no one could remember And there was hatred, wars and death. Then one day somebody said "No, I can't play with you right now" Phydeaux, just sit there - Sit! And there were wars and... oh yea! And then one day somebody said "No, no I'm busy right now" Just take your ball and sit, ok?.. ok There was hatred and wars and death And then one day somebody said "How does the tune go?" "There is no tune There never was It's only a myth." These were the philosophers. "You mean there's no tune at all?" "Well, it doesn't really matter what tune you play As long as you play something And you don't hurt anybody." These were the religious leaders. And so... "What you want?" huh! I can't play with you right now. I told you Oh, ok, but we have to come right back Come on, come on...