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The Tune probably ranks as Larry's finest achievement as a songwriter and  recording artist and as such when audiences were calling out their requests  mid-concert the song was usually the one piano number which always featured  in those fevered shouts from the crowd. In the course of the 14 minutes that  the studio version runs for, a parable visiting some of the key points in God's  dealing with humanity is told through the lyrics and the music. The point of  the story is really only revealed in the last few lines. The piano holds the  track together as Larry is backed by some members of the Solid Rock roster  at the time and a full orchestra. Larry performs Swing Low, Sweet Chariot and  If I   Got My Ticket, both Traditional tunes arranged by Larry Norman himself, Country  Church, Country People and Soul On Fire (The Eldridge Cleaver Version)   Personnel  Larry Norman - Vocals/Guitar/Piano/Synthesizers  Charles "Charly" Norman - Harmonies  Jon Linn - Guitar  Tim Jaquette - Bass  Alex McDougall - Drums  Amazing Grace Choir:  Larry Norman, Finch, Charles "Charly" Norman, Joe and Marge Norman  All Star Solid Rock Masked Orchestra. Orchestra:  Doretta L'Arcos, Kate Prevari, Tedd Coward, Sarah Jackson, Richard Rambler Vicky  Balsnick, Paul Mandragon, Kathy Selsig, Susan Dumsey. Violins: Priscilla Conquest, Lisa McTaggart, Brad Loman.  Cello: Robert Wier, Eddie Strohl, Garth Hinderman.