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Soul On Fire
Words and Music by: Larry Norman Eldridge was a bad man At least that's what the people said But Eldridge, he was only working out All the things they put inside his head He was like an angry lion Trapped in a vice They couldn't keep him down And so they put his soul on ice. Well, they locked him in a prison cell 'Til he managed to get away But living on the run ain't no fun Both eyes open every night and day Just a little peace and quiet Was his one desire But it never came 'til something set his soul on fire. The man in the moon gave him the word With a face that was clear and a voice that was heard Go back to your people, but lean on me They can lock you up again But I have set you free. Eldridge says he's different now But a lot of people don't agree They say he's only trying to free himself I guess in time we all shall see But I do believe his message He ain't no liar When he says that Jesus can set your soul on fire. Soul on fire Soul Soul on fire, soul on fire, soul on fire Soul on fire, soul on fire, soul on fire Soul on fire, soul on fire, soul on fire.