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An intriguing 1981 vinyl release for which Larry fanatics will no doubt pay an  arm and a leg, the primary aim of this compilation was to introduce to the  American public some British acts that Larry was working with. You will  remember that at the time Larry was associated with Chapel Lane Records in  Hereford and so the second side of this album is taken up with a medley of  their music presenting tracks from the Mark Williamson Band (renamed Lyrix  in the USA), Sheila Walsh and Alwyn Wall. On the first side, there are some  Larry songs that, before Solid Rock's avalanche of CD compilations, were  rarities. These included a studio version of "Why Can't You Be Good" and a  cover version of Bob Dylan's "Just Like A Woman" where Larry displayed his  Dylan impersonation. "Deep Blue" was a story song from an album which had not yet been  released while the opening cut was a piece called "The Tune (Almost)" which was a fun  version of his longer conceptual piece "The Tune" only on this rendition, Larry keeps getting  interrupted by his dog! Overall, the album is most famous for its inner sleeve photograph  which appeared to include put downs of artists he'd formerly worked with. 
Track List Side 1: Larry Norman 1    The Tune (Almost) 2    Why Can't You Be Good? 3    Just Like A Woman 4    Deep Blue Side 2: The New Solid Rock Artists 5    The British Invasion - A medley of new Solid Rock Artists 6    Don't Turn Your Back On Jesus - Preformed by Lyrix 7    Doctor, Doctor - Preformed by Alwyn Wall 8    Love In My Life - Preformed by Sheila Walsh