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Why Canít You Be Good
Words and Music by: Larry Norman (Some of these songs tonight seem to have a slightly different meaning than when I originally wrote them. "I Feel Like Dying" and a... what?... Thank you. That's nice to know. Yea, life is sometimes hard you know. Life is hard.   Man is born to trouble Everybody's got the blues People looking for an answer People hoping for good news So if you know the answer Then there's one thing you must do You must walk - if you can You must talk You must hurry up to beat the clock You must tell 'em to get ready so they can leave the past behind - owe-oh-oh When I look outside my window It's as dark as it could be But I know the Son is coming To wake the world from sleep I'm going away, humm I'm feeling fine, yea, yea! And when it's time to go You got to leave the past behind. whoa-o-oh, oh! You know the thing about a, falling in love is, it's always good thing to fall in love with someone who's in love with you. And then make it permanent. You know, I know sometimes you have trouble falling in love with the right girlfriend. I mean it's hard enough picking the right parents. The thing you must do is try very hard to love the person you love. To receive their love. Not to let it slip away. Not to break it. So if you seventeen years old and you're walking around waiting to fall in love. You got to watch what you're doing. Like to sing a song for you about teenage or marital love.) La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la! Why can't you behave? Why can't you be good? You don't even try To do the things you should. Well, what is the reason I'd like to know? Why you can't be good? You go into the bedroom You say you got to powder your nose But the powder is cocaine I see traces on your clothes.   Well, what is the reason I'd like to know? Why you can't be good? Take another look inside your dreams tonight When you go to sleep Try and find the reasons why you've lost your way Like some little sheep. You say that you love me You say your love is true But you got so many other lovers Well, what am I supposed to do?   Well, what is the reason I like to know? Why can't you be good? Just be good baby, just be good Just try you know, just try to be good You don't have to be perfect Just, just be good Sometimes I stay around all night waiting for you to get back You don't come back, you don't come back You come home late, maybe the next day Why can't you be good Gets a bit lonely sometimes, gets a bit lonely Gets a little bit lonely, baby Be good, be good.