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In 1968 Larry Norman left his band People! and moved to Hollywood to begin  his solo career. Until the night of this concert, six years later, he had not been  seen on stage with any band. This album is an aural document of that night in  1974 when Larry Norman and People! appeared again on stage for a one-  night-only performance at U.C.L.A. to help raise money for the ISRAELI  FUND. This vinyl ellipsoid contains their million selling single "I Love You"  (1967) in tandem with the divagated clone which Larry and Randy Stonehill  wrote three years later. It contains performances of material off of Larry's  banned album "So Long Ago The Garden," and other landmark projects.  In contrast to his usual smooth concert style, Larry pulled out all the stops for this one and he  and the band gave a raw and jubilant performance for this special event. This album contains  ten songs from that three hour performance. Unlike other so called "live" albums, this one  has not been taken back into the studio to overdub bass, lead vocals, guitar and drums, etc.  etc. This one just is what it is. Some artists think that honesty is not the most musically  policy, but Phydeaux says barf, bark, barf to that. Added on the back cover is the note: TO  BE PLAYED AT FULL VOLUME and that it is a Limited Edition Pressing. The song "Baby  Out Of Wedlock is re-titled as "You knew What You Were Doing" The CD release doesn't  have bonus tracks or linear notes.