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Put Your Life Into His Hands
Words and Music by: Larry Norman (If you're a Christian, I'm glad you're having fun. Life should be a lot of fun. When you face up to the responsibilities of God gives us to love one another and sacrifice. When things aren't going the way we want them to. But life still should still be fun. If you're not a Christian. I'm not a preacher. I can't express all this. I just know that I asked Jesus to come into my life. And somehow He did. And everything's been different during my life than it could have been. That's the reason I wanted to come over to England, wasn't just to hurt my back, you know. I wanted to help break the devil's back. If you want to meet God tonight, it could be arranged. Just ask Jesus.) Put your life in Jesus' nail scarred hands Put your life in Jesus' nail scarred hands He's the Rock of Ages He's the Sage of Sages He's the key to the Promised land Put your life in Jesus' nail scarred hands. Well, I was blind But now I've learned to see I was trapped But now I've been set free I was lost and alone So far from home I was losing sight of me But now I'm warm And safe as I can be. Just put your life You only got one, you might as well put it in His hands. Jesus is the Rock He rolled my blues away I want to play in His heavenly band Put your life in Jesus' nail scarred hands Just put your life Put it, put it, put it right, right into His hands Lean on the staff, stand on the Rock Put your life. (I don't like performing very much. I like being alive. I like being a Christian. I like talking to people about Jesus. I don't much like some of the other things that I do. You probably don't like some of the things you do. Sometimes it's hard to witness. You got to talk to somebody that may not understand what you saying. Maybe.. If you're not a Christian, maybe you've talked to some of those people who come up to you. Erm, God loves you man, ah. They just love you. They want to share that with you. God has changed their life. Jesus lives in the center of their life and they just want you to know that it's possible. They're not trying to bum you out. They not trying to be strange. They're just trying to tell you that God loves you. That Jesus has come and that He's coming back again. That's all.)